Lamb Carcasses Evaluation, L. Arthur, B. Kessler, and S. Cunningham
In this article, age and maturity, yield and quality grade, live animal and carcass evaluation, and lamb cuts are discussed to provide readers with more information.

Sheep Showmanship, R. Gosz and C. Bacon
This PDF talks about the value of working with your lamb at home, leading for exercise, how to set up and brace your lamb, animal appearance, and during the show.

Management and Showing of Youth Market Lambs, S. M. Jones
The PDF gives details on what to consider when choosing your lamb, types of facilities and equipment to choose, lamb selection, health and nutrition of your lamb, feeding, fitting, and showing your lamb.

Tips for Beginning a Livestock Project: Market Lambs, K. Heaton, P. Hill, A. O’Toole, and N. Jensen
This article discusses the ideal market weight of your lamb and how much it needs to gain depending on how much it weighs now.

4-H Sheep Showmanship Questions, No Author.
This flash card website has a set of cards that have potential questions the judge may ask the exhibitor. Exhibitors can review these with ease before the show.

Show Lamb Selection, D. Rothlisberger
This website goes in depth in what are good traits to look for in market lambs. It also lists some of the common breeds of sheep, along with pictures of them.

Exercise Plan for Your Market Lamb, M. Nielson
This short website gives an exercise plan for your lamb. It gives a timeline as well gives some tips on what to not do.


Meat Goat

4-H Meat Goat Guide
This booklet will provide guide for exhibitors. Facilities and Equipment, Selection, Health, Management and Feeding, Fitting, Showing,

Goat Guide, Jim Missildine
This is another great article that talks about everything goat. This one talks a lot of housing and what type of equipment is needed to raise your market goat successfully

Market Goat Showmanship, National 4-H
This article is all about how to show market goats. It also contains questions commonly asked in showmanship.