For Sale

We have lambs available for early (May) and late summer fairs (August) annually.  Please email the unit at if you are interested in purchasing lambs.

Early each year (January/February) we host a project lamb/goat sale for youth that need animals for spring/early summer fairs.



Chico State Lambs will be available at the following sales:



January 6 – Pacific Elite Show and Sale in Tulare, CA


February 6 - Today Decides Tomorrow Winter Online Sale at


April – Today Decides Tomorrow Online Spring Sale at



Today Decides Tomorrow Winter Consignments


Lot #1 – E201

DOB:  10/14/17
Cover 4449 (Fuzzy) x CSUC C163 (Outfitter)

E201 is a balanced, big racked, wide based lamb that is going to develop more and more muscle as he progresses. If you are looking for a complete sheep to be competitive, look no further.


Lot #2 – E202

DOB: 10/4/17
Heavy (Drop the Mic) x CSUC Y105 (Cool)

Need a natural colored lamb? Check out E202. "Tom" was raised as a bottle baby, however, he is a feeding machine. One of our biggest lambs, he is going to a very easy to handle sheep. Combine that with the stylish profile, extended front end and balance, E202 will make a great project lamb for the novice exhibitor!


Lot #3 – E249

DOB: 10/27/17
Cover 4449 (Fuzzy) x Mickelson 1273 (Fandango)

E249 is green, but is going to be a balanced, thick, attractive lamb when he reaches market weight. Lambs sired by Cover 4449 get thicker as they develop and maintain a balanced profile.


Lot #4 – E204

DOB: 11/1/17
Swamp Rat (Log Rat) x 519 (Lineup)

This is a unique ewe lamb - she is extremely thick and wide based as you evaluate her from the rear. Relative to her frame size, E249 is long hindsaddled and probably has the biggest leg of any of our lambs. She is improving daily and will continue to do so for a lucky exhibitor.